A refund is only possible in the event you purchased the same item twice. Please note:

  1. Both transactions must have taken place within one (1) calendar month. Why? You are required to submit proof of the transactions by means of providing copies of the transaction details. Linden Lab keep records of transactions for one (1) calendar month only for Basic accounts.
  2. Refund for wrong purchases is not offered. Why? Our products (with the exception of gift cards) have permissions set as “Copy & No Transfer”. That means, you are not able to return the product in order to be eligible for a refund. Our products are always clearly signed in terms of mesh body parts compatibility, transparency issues due to SL glitches etc. Therefore, please do take extra care before you confirm the payment and complete the purchase.
  3. If a demo or tester is available, please make sure to always try it first. If not, our team is always happy to show you the product before you proceed with your purchase.

After taking into consideration the above points, if you still require a product exchange or refund please send a notecard to Nikidemonix Resident as follows:

Upon receipt of your notecard, we will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.