To join the inworld alme. group, you will have to pay a one-time joining fee. The fee has been raised to L$100, as of January 15th 2020. The reason we chose to introduce a fee is to prevent spammers, trollers etc. from joining and posting harmful content. At the same time, we are hoping that the following perks that come with the group membership will pay the amount you invested back.

IMPORTANT! Please note that if you choose to leave the group, you will have to pay the joining fee again, in order to re-join it.

Discount on new releases!

Be it at events or at our main store, once a new item is released, you can purchase it with at least 25% discount!


  • Group tag must be worn at the time of purchase


  • Saturday Sale, Happy Weekend and similar sale events where the items are already heavily discounted
  • Events where vendor scripts are provided by the organisers and are mandatory to use, not allowing us to provide the group discount

Extra discount during alme. in-store sales!

When we organise an in-store sale at alme., our valued group members receive extra discount than the one that applies to the general public. This discount is usually 10% on top of the general discount.


  • Group tag must be worn at the time of purchase

Occasional Giveaways!

As you may already know, every now and then we like to do some giveaways for our group members; either by giving advance notice or not πŸ˜‰ Prizes so far include gift cards and products.


  • Participate in the group chat and follow the instructions of the alme. Brand Manager and/or Executive who is conducting the giveaway

Occasional group gifts!

Yes, we have to admit that we are not releasing group gifts very often.. sigh. However, our gifts will always remain available for you to pick up any time you like. We will try to get better at releasing gifts more often, but please do not hold it against us if we can’t… Unfortunately the day has only 24 hours and Chloe has only one set of hands working in both RL and SL πŸ™‚


  • Group tag must be worn to claim the gifts

Lucky Letters

We heard you LOUD and CLEAR! You wanted the Lucky Letter Boards back! So, we brought them back πŸ™‚ And not only that… We brought 5 boards back with several items inside each of them!


  • Group tag must be worn at the time of claiming the prize as well as standing within 10m from the boards

Coming soon…

  • New Releases Raffles/Giveaways
  • Permanent group discounts on alme. products

Do you have any suggestions for us? Is there anything you would like to be have as one of the benefits of being an alme. group member? Let us know! Simply contact Nikidemonix Resident or ChloeElectra Resident β™₯

Oh and don’t forget! As alme. group members, you are also free to trade alme. (ONLY) gacha prizes, ask for support with any of our products from any alme. team member or customers who may be online, and of course chat about anything and everything (almost) in a respectful manner πŸ™‚